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Diamond Bank Recruitment Past Questions And Answers

Diamond Bank Recruitment Past Questions And Answers

This is a collection of aptitude test questions and answers collated from previous recruitment exercises of the Diamond Bank Nigeria. It is regularly updated with recent questions as made available by our partners in different recruiting agencies all over the federation.

This book will be helpful to candidates invited to the aptitude screening test of the bank as it will enable them to prepare accordingly. We also have Banks Interview Questions and Answers that will enable candidates to give expected answers to questions during the bank interview.

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Questions for this test are derived from these core areas:

  • Chart/Graph Interpretation & Analysis
  • Basic Mathematics
  • English Language
  • Sentence Completion/Lexis & Structure
  • Critical Reasoning
  • Logic Reasoning
  • Series/Sequence
  • Current Affairs
  • History
  • Common Knowledge

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Diamond Bank Recruitment Past Questions And Answers

Sample Question 1

Experts say that current unemployment growth, allied to wage freezes and tax rises, as well as a rise in average mortgage rates, will force a fall in house prices, in the absence of greater demand. However, low interest rates, in combination with a shortage of supply in the newbuild sector, will serve to mitigate these circumstances.
1. Lowering interest rates is the key to stimulating growth in the housing market. 
A. True
B. False
C. Cannot Say
2. House prices are likely to weaken in the current climate.
A. True
B. False
C. Cannot Say

Sample Question 2

Choose the options opposite in meaning to the word(s) underlined.
3. The deafening noise, of the two jet planes which fly across our compound yesterday made people fear that an assault o the country might be imminent
a) impending
(b) ahead
(c) threaten
(d) remote
4. The lotion recommended by the doctor soothed Okon’s aching tooth
(a) calmed
(b) worsened
(c) excited
(d) extracted
5. The demonstrators have refused to call off their action
(a) consolidate
(b) start
(c) resume
(d) end

Sample Question 3

6. When 15 is subtracted from a number, if it reduces to its 80%, what will be the 40% of that number?
a. 56
b. 45
c. 30
d. 24
e. None of these
7. The average of 24 boys and the teacher is 15 years. When the teacher’s age is excluded, the average decreases by 1. What is the age of the teacher?
a. 36 Years
b. 38 Years
c. 39 Years
d. 42 Years
e. Data inadequate

Sample Question 4

8. If 3/5th of a number is 40 more than 40% of the same number, find the value of the
a. 140
b. 180
c. 200
d. 240
e. 256
9. 45 men can do a work in 16 days. 30 more men join them after they have worked for 6 days. How many days will the team now take to do the remaining work?
a. 8 days
b. 6 days
c. 5 days
d. 4 days
e. 3 days

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