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ESUT POST-UTME Questions & Answers For Arts | Prep Pack

ESUT POST-UTME Questions & Answers For Arts | Prep Pack

This book is a comprehensive guide for students seeking admission into the Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT)  and who have been invited to write the POST UTME aptitude test in arts, social sciences and management related courses.

It is specially compiled to cover all subject areas of the test and to make sure that candidates prepare adequately and confidently with it.

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ESUT POST UTME arts based questions come from:

  • English Language
  • Mathematics
  • CRK
  • Literature in English
  • Government
  • Economics
  • General Knowledge
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ESUT POST-UTME Questions & Answers For Arts | Prep Pack

Sample Question 1

1. I have reminded him that he is the only person....can solve my problem.
A. who
B. which
C. that
D. whom
2. My sister has....several food packages for my birthday party.
A. laid on
B. layed up
C. laid off
D. layed on
3. Many students were....into rioting by the more radical ones
A. guided
B. gathered
C. guarded
D. goaded

Sample Question 2

4. Services which are of absolute monopoly can best be provided by
A. private companies
B. limited liability companies
C. public companies
D. public enterprises
5. The main difference between nationalization and indigenization is in terms of
A. shareholding
B. profit
C. technology
D. efficiency
6. An aspect of the law which allows an exclusive right for a limited number of years is a
A. copyright
B. trade mark
C. ratification
D. patent

Sample Question 3

7. The law of libel limits a citizen's right of freedom of
A. association
B. movement
C. worship
D. expression
8. Option A4 method of voting was introduced by
A. professor Erne Awa
B. chief Michael Ani
C. Professor Humphrey Nwosu
D. justice Erereka Ovie-Whiskey
9.   One of these is nota professional pressure group
A. Academic Staff Union of Universities
B. Nigeria Medical Association
C. Nigeria Bar Association
D. Nigeria Chamber of Commerce

Sample Question 4

10. The advantages which firms obtain directly from expanding their operations are referred to as
A. internal economies of scale
B. external economies of scale
C. economies of localization
D. economics of resource allocation
11. Joint-stock companies can raise funds from
A. the money market
B. the capital market
C. various sources
D. government
12. To prevent farmers during a bumper harvest, the government usually
A. sets a maximum price
B. releases products from the buffer stock
C. sells the excess to consumers
D. sets a minimum price

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