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Federal Mortgage Bank Recruitment Test Study Questions and Answers

Federal Mortgage Bank Recruitment Test Study Questions and Answers

Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria (FMBN) was established in 1956, known then as the Nigerian Building Society (NBS), a joint venture of the Commonwealth Development Corporation and the Federal and Eastern Governments of Nigeria. Following the introduction of the Indigenization Policy, the Federal Government, by Indigenization Act [1973], acquired the NBS and consequently renamed it the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria (FMBN).

This is a comprehensive assembly of practice questions and answers asked in the Federal Mortgage Bank recruitment aptitude test into various positions of the bank.

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This Federal Mortgage Bank questions pack are drawn from:

  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Mathematics
  • General Knowledge (loans, microfinance banks, and mortgage terminologies)
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Federal Mortgage Bank Recruitment Test Study Questions and Answers

Sample Question 1

1. Total amount spent by the family on Telephone Bills, Groceries and Electricity
together forms what percent of the amount spent on House Rent?
A. 40
B. 58.13
C. 34.64
E. None of these
2. The product of two consecutive odd numbers is 4623. Which is the smaller of
the two numbers?
A. 71
B. 73
C. 67
D. 57
E. None of these

Sample Question 2

3. If the numerator of a fraction is increased by 200% and denominator is
increased by 400%, the resultant fraction is 12/18. What was the original fraction?
A. 10/9
B. 19/10
C. 18/12
D. 1/5
E. None of these
4. 45 men can do a piece of work in 20 days. How many men would be required to
do the same work in 30 days ?
A. 40
B. 25
C. 28
D. 30
E. 32

Sample Question 3

Choose the word similar in meaning
(a) addressed
(b) equalised
(c) restored
(d) redone
(e) rearranged
(a) notes
(b) usage
(c) money
(d) cash
(e) value
(a) internally
(b) whole-heartedly
(c) fundamentally
(d) virtually
(e) unavoidably

Sample Question 4

8. Amortization - Amortization is a decrease in the value of assets with time, which is normally the useful life of tangible assets.
9. Annual Percentage Rate – An annual percentage rate is the rate offered by banks and companies for one year and applies to products such as loans, credit cards, credit lines, and others.
10. Appraisal – An appraisal is an assessment of the value of an asset, made by an expert or authorized person to estimate its worth.
11. Detached House – A detached house is a property that is free-standing rather than attached to another residential building.

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