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General Job Interview Questions And Answers

General Job Interview Questions And Answers

This book is a repository of regular questions and answers asked during several job interviews conducted by several firms in Nigeria. It is strategically organized to expose candidates to the purpose of questions asked and the answers expected at different points. It is highly recommended to earnest job seekers.

 This can be used as a preparatory guide for candidates facing the interview panel of any bank. Suggested answers are provided but candidates are advised to fine-tune them to their unique taste.

 Different aspects of the interviewing process are covered and we suggest answers that can fit into the interviewers' expectations.

Suggested answers are meant to expose the motives behind the question and are to be fine-tuned by candidates as they merely serve as a guide. You will equally find pre-interview and post-interview tips.

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This book is categorized into:

  • PART ONE : Interview Questions: Work History
  • PART TWO : Job Interview Questions About You
  • PART THREE : Job Interview Questions About the New Job and the Company
  • PART FOUR : Job Interview Questions About the Future
  • PART FIVE : Questions by Career Fields and Industries
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General Job Interview Questions And Answers

Sample Question 1

Treat the interviewer in a professional manner 
A change in attitude towards the interviewer is significant when preparing for an interview. Instead of fearing the interviewer and subsequently undermining and diminishing your professional accomplishments, or behaving in a disrespectful or aggressive manner in the interview we recommend you learn how to be professional and practical. Being able to act in a professional manner in an interview is important. It is easier to choose to be offended and, insulted, and as a result be confrontational or disrespectful in an interview than to treat the occasion as a professional one regardless of the interviewer’s behaviour.

Sample Question 2

Your attitude to the workplace makes a difference 
Imagine a common situation in which you are having a chat with some friends and the topic of conversation is your satisfaction with your workplace. How would you describe your work? Is it something you enjoy or is it something that bores you? In the answer to this question lies your attitude towards your workplace. This attitude also influences the respect you have for yourself and how you perceive yourself. This attitude influences your ability to succeed in a job interview.
This works the other way round as well – interviewees that respect themselves, mostly view their professional achievements as well as their workplace in a positive light. Yet, interviewees who are not content with themselves have difficulty expressing their
professional experiences in a positive and convincing manner and hence may fail to pass a job interview.

Sample Question 3

Body language 
Many body language experts advise maintaining eye contact, sitting up straight, smiling and generating optimism, and avoiding showing any signs of anxiety and stress during the interview. Objectively, this is good advice but there is a fundamental difficulty in following it during an interview. If you are preoccupied with the advice given - how to smile sympathetically, how to maintain eye contact, how to avoid fidgeting and so on - your thoughts are not focused on the questions being asked, but rather on your body language. When the bulk of your attention is focused on your body language, your ability to answer the interviewer's questions concisely and in a proper manner is being inhibited.

Sample Question 4

Question: What did you like/ enjoy in your last position?
Once an interviewer has understood what the applicant did in his last position and what the responsibilities were, very often they would try to assess the candidate’s attitude toward the position. Which elements of the role did they enjoy? Did they enjoy the role at all? What was the applicant most involved in? The responses to these questions will assist the interviewer to gauge if the position offered suits the applicant. Some interviewees will find it difficult to answer this question since they did not find their last position enjoying or fulfilling at all. They feel they may have to lie about their experience and that may put them in a spot. Further, a positive response is not by default a good one.

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