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IPS Interview Guide

IPS Interview Guide

The Institute of Petroleum Studies, UNIPORT Admission Interview Past Questions, and Suggested Answers comprise of regularly asked questions during the interview.

The Interview section is the second and last stage of the IPS admission process where candidates that crossed the test cut-off mark are invited for a physical and intellectual screening, normally held at Total Resource Centre, Artillery 1, Port-Harcourt.

This book exposes the mind of the interviewers, the level of preparation expected of a student, the point scroing system and all relevant secrets needed to emerge colourfully in the IPS interview. Every prospective who passed the aptitude test and is to face the interview panel should not hesitate to grab a copy of this book.

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This book is made up of the following topics and subtopics:

  • Core IPS Secrets
  • Expected skills and abilities
  • Building the right mindset
  • Interview Questions
  • Question Objectives
  • Suggested answers
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IPS Interview Guide

Sample Question 1

Firstly, your performance at the interview will speak a lot about your chances of been admitted. That is the more reason why you need to master the regularly repeated questions of the IPS interview. Each question asked has a purpose for it and has a clue to the type of answer expected of you. The essence is to really know if you have the needed abilities and qualities for the program.  
Secondly, after the post-test candidates have been successfully interviewed and points scored, the IPS admission team goes into the final selection proper. At this stage, they consider the graduating cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of each student and sort out those with higher grades. These students’ records are further subjected to further investigation and comparison to ensure consistency in their academic ability. Note very well, that the first 20 or 21 students with good...

Sample Question 2

As an engineer that will take charge of artisans and technicians in the industry, you need a great deal of leadership ability and prowess. If you have been in a leadership position, it is important that you list it in your CV. If it’s not there, try giving them an example of where you led a team or substituted the leader in his absence. You need to show them how you can lead a team to achieve a goal or accomplish an assigned task. How you can assign duties to team members and follow them up to get results. How you can control and monitor your members to share organizational visions. IPS has many field trips to attend and some require that you be shared into groups and one team leader chosen. Some assignments may demand that you form groups and a leader that will be accountable to the lecturer in question chosen. Because they don’t want one person to always lead, they want all their students to be leaders so as to fill in the space in the industry...

Sample Question 3

QUESTION: Why did you perform poor or fail in this course? 
HINT: This question comes up if you had a carryover in any of your university courses or performed very poor in any. They really want to know if you are actually poor in your knowledge of the course. Except you provide a good reason, this can be a trap to reduce your point especially if it’s a petroleum-related course. They want to adjudge your strengths and weakness as regards to your discipline, so you must provide soothing and convincing reasons why you had such a mark in the course. 
TIPS: Circumstances may course poor performances in courses and these circumstances must be justifying enough to enable you jump over this trap. It’s possible you had no lab result or that you took the tests but missed the examination because of emergencies. Whatever reason it is, try to make it appealing and convincing. If you failed the course, let your later result justify the... 

Sample Question 4

QUESTION: Why do you want to study in IPS?
HINT: This question is meant to test your knowledge of IPS. What motivated you to apply for admission here? What are the achievements and successes of IPS that interested you to apply for admission here? What record(s) have their alumni kept that add credit to the school? Why do you think IPS is the best place to develop your experience and skills? These and more the interview team would want to hear from you.
TIPS: To answer this question, you need to carry out a research of laudable landmarks that IPS has made both in the industry and in the world of academia. Records abound of the excellent performances of their students in industries; the technical strength of paper presentation by their students in...

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