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Maritime Academy of Nigeria POST UTME Questions and Answers Kit

Maritime Academy of Nigeria POST UTME Questions and Answers Kit

The Maritime Academy of Nigeria is a specialized institute in Oron, Akwa Ibom State and managed by the Federal Government of Nigeria. Initially known as the Nautical College of Nigeria, it was established in 1979 to educate and train shipboard officers, ratings and shore-based management personnel.

This book contains updated preparatory questions and their answers for the Maritime Academy of Nigeria, Oron POST UTME aptitude tests and is meant for candidates invited to write this year's selection test.

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Maritime Academy aptitude practice test questions come from:

  • English Language
  • Mathematics
  • Discipline Specifics
  • General Knowledge
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Maritime Academy of Nigeria POST UTME Questions and Answers Kit

Sample Question 1

Choose the word that is nearest in meaning to the underlined word as it is used in the sentence
1. My elder sister has a great aversion to alcohol and tobacco. 
A. interest
B. perversion
C. dislike
D. liking
2. During the military dictatorship, many companies went bankrupt.
A. thriving
B. insoluble
C. insatiable
D. insolvent
3. The report of the probe panel vindicated the president’s stand on corruption in high places.
A. amplified
B. justified
C. verified
D. rectified

Sample Question 2

4. If it costs three shopkeeper A, B and C N918,00 to purchase a common generator for three shops and the amount were shared in the ratio 1:2:3 respectively. How much would shopkeeper B pay?
A. N316,000
B. N312,000
C. N309,000
D. N306,000
E. N303,000
5. Calculate the perimeter of a square whose area is 100cm2.
A. 50cm
B. 40cm
C. 30cm
D. 20cm
E. 10cm
6. If 15% of a sum of money is given as N750,000. What is the total sum? A. N50,000
B. N500,000
C. 5,000,000
D. N75,000,000
E. N750,000,000

Sample Question 3

7. One is able to smell food from a distance because
A. the molecules of food travel by exosmosis
B. the molecules of air are in constant motion
C. the ingredients used travel by capillarity
D. osmosis is operative
8. Calculate the frequency of a radio wave of wavelength 300m, if the speed of all electromagnetic waves in free space is 3x108m/s
A. 1MHz
B. 9MHz
C. 100MHz
D. 900MHz
9. Which of the following kind of waves cannot travel through a vacuum? A. sound waves
B. radio waves
C. light waves
D. infrared waves

Sample Question 4

10. What is an input/output (I/O) device in this list?
A. keyboard
C. flash disk
D. a+c
11. A computer accepts……as input and gives out… output
A. data and information
B. data and output
C. input and information
D. information and fact
12. What is the function of DIR/P command in the Ms-DOS?
A. displays all the contents in the directory once
B. invalid command
C. displays all the content of the directory page by page
D. prints content of a directory

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