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MTN Scholarship 
 Test Study Questions and Answers

MTN Scholarship Test Study Questions and Answers

The MTN Foundation Scholarship is anchored by the MTN's Community Social Responsibility unit to Nigerian students. This scholarship is available to 2nd-year students of Nigerian tertiary institutions in selected courses as given by MTN.  This offer is available for students in

  • Polytechnics,
  • Colleges of Education and
  • Universities

Usually, an essay writing on a chosen topic relating to telecommunication is part of the application process. The stipend is worth N200,000 from second year of study tillgraduation.

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The MTN scholarship questions are drawn from the following areas:

  • Information Technology 
  • Current Affairs
  • English Language
  • verbal Reasoning
  • General Knowledge

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MTN Scholarship Test Study Questions and Answers

Sample Question 1

Which is correctly spelt?
A. Klaptomania
B. Klepptomania 
C. Kleptemania
D. Kleptomania 
A. Friming
B. Burnning
C. Running 
D. Fryng 
A. Puerrile
B. Puerrille
C. Purrile
D. Puerile
A. Satelite
B. Sattelite
C. Satellite
D. Sattellite

Sample Question 2

5. accord :understanding :conversion :________
A. modification
B. transition
C. concurrence
D. confirmation
6. taint :decontaminate ::enrage :________ 
A. provoke 
B. delve
C. rely 
D. appease
7. judicious :prudent ::wise :________
A. ill-mannered
B. astute
C. sophisticated
D. satisfied
8. arbitrator :mediator ::referee :________ 
A. manager 
B. boor
C. umpire
D. director

Sample Question 3

9. -20 , -16 , -12 , -8 .....In the sequence above, each term after the first is 4 greater than the preceding term. Which of the following could not be a term in the sequence?
A. 0
B. 200
C. 440
D. 668
E. 762
10. For how many integer values of n will the value of the expression 4n + 7 be an integer greater than 1 and less than 200?
A. 48
B. 49
C. 50
D. 51
E. 52
11. Multiply 2.345 x 0.023 
A. 0.53935
B. 0.053935
C. 0.0053935
D. 10.195652

Sample Question 4

12. The primary purpose of software is to turn data into
A. Websites
B. Information
C. Programs
13. A directory within a directory is called
A. Mini Directory
B. Junior Directory
C. Part Directory
D. Sub Directory
14. Which state is regarded as the Jewel of the Savannah...?
A. Jigawa
B. Gombe
C. Yobe
15. Which of these was never an electoral chairman in Nigeria?
A. Prof. Attahiru Jegga
B. Prof. Humphrey Nwosu
C. Prof. Maurice Iwu
D. Prof. Musa Alkali

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