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NCDMB Recruitment Aptitude Test Study Questions and Answers

NCDMB Recruitment Aptitude Test Study Questions and Answers

The Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board (NCDMB) was established in 2010 by the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry Content Development (NOGICD) Act. NCDMB is vested with the mandate to make procedures that will guide, monitor, coordinate and implement the provisions of the NOGICD Act signed into law on April 22, 2010. 

This is a collection of carefully selected aptitude test practice questions and answers for the NCDMB recruitment aptitude test into entry-level or experienced roles. This material has been carefully reviewed and updated for this year's test and will be quite useful to shortlisted candidates.

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NCDMB recruitment aptitude test questions kit comprise of:

  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Numerical Reasoning
  • History/Current Affairs
  • General Knowledge
  • Basic Oil and Gas Knowledge
  • Information Technology
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NCDMB Recruitment Aptitude Test Study Questions and Answers

Sample Question 1

1. In the following set of words, which word is different from the others?Colony, Companion, Covey, Crew, Constellation
A. Colony
B. Companion
C. Covey
D. Crew
E. Constellation
2. Assume that the first two statements are true.Statement 1 - Great people are ridiculed.Statement 2 - I am ridiculed.Statement 3 - I am a great person.The final statement is ________
A. True
B. False
C. Not certain

Sample Question 2

3. Three individuals form a partnership and agree to divide the profits equally. X invests $3,500 and Z invests $2,000. If the profits are $1,500, how much less does X receive than if the profits were divided in proportion to the amount invested
A. $155
B. $175
C. $150
D. $205
4. In printing an article of 30,000 words, a printer decides to use two sizes of type. Using the larger type, a printed page contains 1,200 words. Using a smaller type, a page contains 1,500 words. The article is allotted 22 pages in a magazine. How many pages must be in a smaller type?
A. 15
B. 12
C. 20
D. 10

Sample Question 3

5. NOGIC stands for
A. Nigerian oil and gas industry content
B. Nigerian oil and gas instrument and content
C. NCDMB oil and Gas industry content
D. National oil and gas implementation and content
6. The NCDMB bill became a law in
A. June 2011
B. December 2015
C. April 2010
D. August 2018
7. Which president initiated the NCDMB idea
A. Olusegun Obasanjo
B. Umaru Musa Yar'Adua
C. Goodluck Jonathan
D. Muhammadu Buhari

Sample Question 4

8. PSC stands for
A. Production sharing content
B. Production sharing contract
C. Producers and Sellers Consent
D. Pilots and Sailors Committee

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