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NCDMB Experienced Hire Aptitude Test Study Questions and Answers

NCDMB Experienced Hire Aptitude Test Study Questions and Answers

The Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board (NCDMB) was established by the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry Content Development (NOGICD) Act which came into effect on April 22, 2010.

The NOGIC JQS was created in line with section 55 of the NOGIC Act which states that the Board shall establish, maintain and operate a joint qualification system (JQS) in consultation with industry stakeholders which shall be administered in accordance with provisions set out in the regulations to be made by the Minister in accordance with the provisions of this Act.

This book is a bank of preparatory questions for experienced and professional roles recruitment into the board.

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NCDMB Professional and Experienced Role questions and answers kit consist of

  • Verbal and Critical Reasoning
  • Situational Judgement Tests (SJT)
  • Inductive and Analytical Reasoning
  • Oil and Gas Related Questions
  • Managerial roles related questions
  • Exploration operations in Nigeria
  • Current Affairs/History
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NCDMB Experienced Hire Aptitude Test Study Questions and Answers

Sample Question 1

1. In a recent study of responses to visual images, researchers found that women most frequently gave the rating most attractive to images of male faces that were more feminine in contour, and rated more masculine faces, on average, less attractive. The researchers concluded that modern women prefer men who are less obviously masculine in their facial features. 

The conclusion would be most severely weakened if which of the following were true? 

A. Facial features are not the criterion that most women use to decide whether a man is attractive. 

B. The visual images were computer generated composites of photographs and not pictures of actual men. 

C. The rating scale was a ten point scale with most attractive scoring 1-2 and least attractive scoring 8-10. 

D. Most popular male actors have the features that the study allocated to the more masculine category. 

E. The faces with the more masculine features were all significantly older than those with the feminine features. 

Sample Question 2

2. From the words lettered A to E, Choose the word that is opposite in meaning  to the emboldened word 


A.  Surreptitious

B.  Tractable

C.  Jaded

D.  Iconoclast

E.  Garish


A.  Urbane

B.  Travail

C.  Sentient

D.  Prevaricate

E.  Maladroit  

Sample Question 3

4. I excel when faced with a number of competing and demanding tasks but routine administration is something I ?nd demeaning.

A. Agree Strongly

B. Agree

C. Do not agree or disagree

D. Disagree

E. Disagree strongly

5. A portfolio can be best defined as

A.  a group of projects and programmes carried out within an organisation.

B.  a group of programmes carried out under the sponsorship of an organisation.

C.  a group of projects carried out under the sponsorship of an organisation.

D.  a range of products and services offered by an organisation. 

Sample Question 4

 6. The first General Secretary was

A. Obafemi Awolowo

B. Nnamdi Azikwe

C. Ufong Ekaete

D. Michael Okpara

7. War against Indiscipline was inaugurated in

 A. March, 1984

B. June, 1985

C. April, 1983

D. August, 1982

8. In 1945.....currency was introduced in Nigeria

A. Naira and kobo

B. Pound sterling

C. Dollar


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