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Nigerian Society of Engineers Questions Bank For Agricultural Engineering

Nigerian Society of Engineers Questions Bank For Agricultural Engineering

The Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE) is a professional body of practising engineers in Nigeria. The enrolment test into the body is conducted twice a year (April and September).

Graduates of engineering disciplines with B.Eng are eligible to enrol for this test if they have stayed for a minimum of four years after graduation. The enrolment process involves a lot of stages including oral presentations, technical exhibition and an aptitude test.

This book is a comprehensive collection of questions and answers bank for agricultural engineering.

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NSE Agric Questions Bank are pulled from:

  • Agricultural Science (Agronomy, Crop diversity, livestock)
  • Irrigation
  • Drainage
  • Farm Power
  • Design and Construction (Mechanization)
  • Climatology (Agroecology)
  • Land and Waste management
  • etc
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Nigerian Society of Engineers Questions Bank For Agricultural Engineering

Sample Question 1

1. A farmer is using a tractor on a hill slope of 1 in 20 with the velocity of 10km/hr. If weight of tractor is 3000 kg, the horse power of tractor is:
a. 2.4
b. 3.4
c. 4.4
d. 5.4
2. A hallow circular steel (E= 30,000 ksi) column, 15 ft long has an inner diameter of 3inch and outer dia of 4 inch, the slenderness ratio of the column is:
a. 164
b. 154
c. 144
d. 134
3. The frictional resistance of a pipe varies approximately with ____ of the liquid: 
a. pressure
b. velocity
c. square of velocity
d. cube of velocity

Sample Question 2

4. The lifting of a Helicopter is based on:
a. Torricelli Theorem
b. Bernoulli’s principle
c. Law of gravitation
d. Coulomb’s law
5. A flow in which liquid particle has definite path of flow and don’t cross each other is called:
a. streamline flow
b. turbulent flow
c. laminar flow
d. both ‘a’ and ‘c’
6. From a source of water supply, the septic tank should never be closer than:
a. 15 meter
b. 20 meter
c. 25 meter
d. 30 meter

Sample Question 3

7. Safe moisture Content in case of wheat for storage is:
a. 10%
b. 14%
c. 15%
d. 20%
8. According to first law of thermodynamics, the cyclic integral of heat transfers is equal to the cyclic integral of _____ transfers.
a. Force
b. Power
c. Kinetic energy
d. Work
9. Hydrometer method is used to determine:
a. Soil EC
b. Soil pH
c. ESP
d. Soil Texture

Sample Question 4

10. Erosion by runoff is to be expected on sloping land under intensive rainfall and
a. Retention capacity
b. Field capacity
c. Wilting capacity
d. Dispersion capacity
11. A statistical method of analyzing hydrological or other data which uses the observed number of occurrences to predict how often a phenomenon may occur in the future is known as:
a. Frequency distribution
b. Frequency line
c. Frequency analysis
d. Frequency series
12. Pollution from crop lands, rural homes, urban streets and from the atmosphere via rain water etc. is the:
a. Non-point sources
b. Point sources
c. Hidden sources
d. Open sources

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