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Oil And Gas Jobs Interview Questions And Answers

Oil And Gas Jobs Interview Questions And Answers

This book contains a series of interview questions and suggested answers of various oil and gas companies. Different aspects of the interviewing process are covered and we suggest answers that can fit into the interviewers' expectations.

Suggested answers are to be fine-tuned by candidates as they merely serve as a guide. You will equally find pre-interview and post-interview tips.

This can be used by candidates that passed the oil and gas jobs aptitude tests and invited for the interview.

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This book treated the following topics:

  • Brief history of oil and gas companies in Nigeria
  • History of crude oil in Nigeria
  • OPEC and Oil Price Fluctuations
  • Required skills for different positions in the oil industry
  • Interview questions
  • Suggested answers
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Oil And Gas Jobs Interview Questions And Answers

Sample Question 1

Currently, people are looking for oilfield jobs for several reasons such as job challenge, high payment, etc. As you know, when you are interviewed, you will have 20 to 60 minutes to persuade the interviewer that you are the right person for the job. It is a fact that many people fail to impress the oilfield employers, so they do not get the dream job. I’ve seen so many highly skilled people from many different educational backgrounds getting the chance to be interviewed, but they still cannot get the jobs in the oilfield because they don’t know the trick to win over the interviewer...

Sample Question 2

Approach With an Positive Attitude
You must project an enthusiastic and optimistic outlook while being interviewed. If what you are facing is something that doesn’t sound good to you, try not to show your feelings with your actions. What you need to do is just keep a slight smile on your face and be calm until it is time for you to say something. Many oil companies like to test your attitude by asking you some bad things about yourself or looking you down, because they want to see your reaction. Many candidates fail this test and don’t have chance in this business.

Sample Question 3

There are a few extra tips which will be useful for an interviewee, as listed below:
1. Explore your expertise and correlate your experience with the desired job’s requirements. Think about your technical strong points, successes, etc.
2. Prior to the interview, collecting  information about a company is the best way to know where you will fit with company.
3. Keep a folder, which contains a list of questions and extra resume, with the company name with you.
4. You must know the art of describing your weaknesses as strengths. Every company wants to know this about you. For example, my strength: I am workaholic and I want to get the job done. My weakness: I tend to work individually more than with a team...

Sample Question 4

Question: What do you know about our company? 
You must do a lot of homework about the prospective company. The more you can tell about the company, the better for you. Additionally, you should know the core business of the company and how you can be a part of the organization.  
Example answer: Okada Drilling Contractor is one of the leading drilling contractors in Okada. The company has a long history and much success in drilling in cold environments. I also know that the company has long-term contracts with several major oil companies. In terms of technology, there are several drilling technologies specifically developed by the company to improve drilling efficiency and safety of work. It would be a good opportunity for me if I could join with Okada Drilling Contractor.

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