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POLYNEKEDE Past Questions & Answers For ND Science

POLYNEKEDE Past Questions & Answers For ND Science

This book is meant for students that applied for admission in the Federal Polytechnic Nekede in Imo State. This is an updated collection of POST UTME past questions and answers for National Diploma (ND) from 2007 till date for science and engineering-related courses.

All the subjects of the test are covered and this book will ensure that you succeed in getting admission this year.

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Questions for this test are curled from:

  • Basic English
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Computer Studies
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POLYNEKEDE Past Questions & Answers For ND Science

Sample Question 1

Mankind has been raged by many viruses and..1.. diseases such as measles, uberculosis, diarrhea and many others including ..2..known also as the common cold. …3…outbreaks of many of these diseases have been brought under control in the last fifty years. Some measles and whooping cough still pose a great danger to younger children. The …5… of measles are more easily …6… than those of whooping cough. Unlike that of many others, the viruses of measles are more easily remained ..7.. for hundreds of years. However, once you have had an…8…. Of these dreadful disease, you develop  an ..9…which is almost complete and long lasting.
Modern science has made available …10… to prevent many childhood diseases and this is only guarantee of ..1…from these scourges.

Sample Question 2

    A    B    C    D
1. Germ  bacterial  dirty  mosquito 
2. Catarrh running-nose  headache influenza
3. Common sporadic  universal  regular
4. Pains  fevers  infections  traces
5. Symptoms  appearances  feels  signs
6. Diagnosed  treated  dealt with  handled
7. Unchanged  constant  erratic  undiscovered
8. Epidemic  encounter  outing  attack
9. Impurity  armour  immunity  ability 
10. Injections  medicine  tablets  vaccines
11. Freedom  discharge  cure  protection 

Sample Question 3

12. A car traveling with a uniform velocity of 30ms-1 along a horizontal road overcomes a constant frictional force of 600N. Calculate the power of the engine of the car?
A. 18kw
B. 20kw
C. 180kw
D. 200kw
13. In the day time, it is possible to see under shady areas such as under tree, because light has undergone
A. internal reflection
B. refraction
C. diffraction
D. diffuse reflection 
14. Three capacitors each of capacitance 1.5μF are connected in series. The total capacitance  in the circuit is
A. 2.0μF
B. 1.5μf
C. 0.6μF
D. 0.5μF

Sample Question 4

15. Which of the following is not a product of fermentation of glucose?
A. energy
B. alcohol
C. lactic acid
D. carbon dioxide 
16. Which of the following pairs of structures does not perform similar functions?
A. lungs and spiracles
B. root hair and mammalian hair
C. feathers and scales
D. contractile vacuole and kidney
17. The effect of the contraction of the muscles of the diaphragm is that
A. the volume of the thoracic cavity increases
B. more carbon dioxide is expelled through the nostrils
C. the rib cage is drawn inwards
D. the intercostals muscles becomes relaxed

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