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POLYNEKEDE Past Questions & Answers For HND Science

POLYNEKEDE Past Questions & Answers For HND Science

This book is packaged for candidates that want to gain admission into the Federal Polytechnic Nekede in Imo State for Higher National Diploma (HND) studies. This is an updated collection of POST UTME past questions and answers from 2007 till date for HND in science and engineering-related courses.

All the subjects of the test are covered and this book will ensure that you succeed in getting admission this year.

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Questions for this are curled from:

  • Basic English
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Computer Studies
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POLYNEKEDE Past Questions & Answers For HND Science

Sample Question 1

1. A 6V battery is connected across the plates of a 3.0μF uncharged parallel plate capacitor. The charge on the capacitor after a long time is
A. 10μC
B. 1810μC
C. 1510μC
D. 1310μC
2. The gradual breakdown of rocks in-situ (internally) by either physical or chemical process is called……
A. erosion
B. denudation
C. weathering
D. deposition 
3. Which of the following are examples of metamorphic rocks?
A. basalt and gabbro
B. gneiss and quartzite
C. granite and gabbro
D. gneiss and basalt 

Sample Question 2

4. Nigeria Federal capital territory shares boundaries with four states. What are these states?
A. Benue, Kwara, Niger and Kaduna
B. Kano, Kaduna, Niger and Kwara
C. Plateau, kwara, Niger and Kaduna
D. Niger, Benue, Kwara and Kano
5. The complete hydrogenation of benzene gives
A. cyclohexene
B. cyclohexane
C. hexane
D. hexane
6. Which of the following is NOT a fundamental S.I. unit?
A. Kelvin
B. Second
C. Radian
D. Metre

Sample Question 3

7. Which of the following metals will not give hydrogen with diluted hydrochloric acid?
A. Cu
B. Zn
C. Fe
D. Ca
8. The excretory product in protozoans is
A. amino acid
B. uric acid
C. ammonia
D. urea
9. Which of the following conditions in flowering plants enhances self-pollination?  A. cleistogamy
B. heterostyly
C. protandry
D. protogyny

Sample Question 4

10. Word processing, spreadsheet and photo-editing are examples of
A. application software
B. system software
C. specialty software
D. entertainment software 
11. What is the other name for the computer’s Main Memory
A. primary method
B. peripheral memory
C. memory card
D. main memory
12. In the binary language, each letter of the alphabet, each number and each special character is made up of a unique combination of:
A. eight tetrabyte
B. eight bytes
C. eight bits
D. eight kilobytes

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