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Postgraduate Scholarship Interview Questions and Answers

Postgraduate Scholarship Interview Questions and Answers

Postgraduate Scholarships Awards are usually two major stages:

  • the written aptitude test stage and
  • the interview stage.

For Scholarship past questions, we have a rich collections of various past questions used for different scholarship exams.

The interview section is meant to test your possession of certain skills and your level of preparedness to further your education if awarded the scholarship. This book is intended to acquaint candidates with questions asked so far in scholarship interview sections like PTDF PhD interviews, NLNG scholarship interview, NDDC scholarship interview, FSB BEA scholarship interview etc.Expected answers to the asked questions are also provided and students are required to fine-tune them to rhyme with their specific conditions

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This book includes:

  • Interview Mindset Preparation
  • Discipline Required Skills
  • Statement of Purpose Defence
  • Undergraduate Project Questions
  • Knowledge of your locality
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Postgraduate Scholarship Interview Questions and Answers

Sample Question 1

Your statement of purpose serves as the fulcrum of your study. Schools offer you admission based on the excellence of your statement of purpose. In your interview invitation letter, you may be asked to come with your statement of purpose. The essence is that they want to ask you some questions from what you wrote there.  
Your statement of purpose should introduce yourself, your interests and motivations, summarize your undergraduate and previous graduate careers, discuss the relevance of your recent and current activities, elaborate on your academic interests etc. Some schools may give you guidelines or clues on the content of your statement of purpose...

Sample Question 2

This interview will not be complete if the committee does not revisit your past academic research achievements. The searchlight will be beamed on the solutions that your previous research offered or the questions it answered or the findings therein. 
You have to be at your best in answering questions on this area because they watch out for the confidence which shows authenticity and originality of the work in question. Expect questions to be technically grounded and even outside the scope of the research area but all these are geared at evaluating your understanding of the project work; its scope and limitations. 

Sample Question 3

QUESTION 5: What are your short-term and long-term career goals? 
PURPOSE OF QUESTION: This is a career progression test. Your answer to this question provides the interviewer with a sense of your initiative, interests, and ambition. A thorough and relevant response demonstrates you’ve spent some time reflecting on the professional direction you’d like to take and how you see yourself getting there.
ANSWER TIPS: Your answer should show consistency in your vision and career path. Companies and other sponsoring bodies will have their set objectives for awarding scholarships – either to absorb you into their workforce or as part of their community services. Be careful to make your discussion of your career progression consistent and to also suggest why you should be awarded the scholarship.

Sample Question 4

• Does this scholarship have a special research grant or is it within the normal stipend?
• What criteria are used for choosing recipients?
• What opportunities are available through the program to gain practical work experience?
• Do most students publish an article/conduct research prior to graduation?
• What is the selection timeline? When will candidates be notified about their acceptance into the program?
• If some circumstances delay my admission or visa application, will the body defer the scholarship to the next academic session?

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