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PTDF Scholarship Test Study Questions and Answers (LSS)

PTDF Scholarship Test Study Questions and Answers (LSS)

The PTDF Exam is handled by ChamsCity with questions for Local Undergraduate Awards, Local M.Sc Awards, Oversea M.Sc and Ph.D Awards. Questions are drawn from Nigerian and major landmarks in foreign current affairs, issues in the oil and gas sector, and some basic GMAT mathematics for part I part II and part III has to do with your course of study in relation to oil and gas.

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Part I : General paper (50 Objective Questions)

Part II: Discipline-based questions (See categories here)

Part III: Technical Competence 

Other Areas

  • Current Affairs
  • History
  • World Events
  • Geography
  • etc


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PTDF Scholarship Test Study Questions and Answers (LSS)

Sample Question 1

1. Who is the current Nigerian representative at OPEC’s board of governors?
A. Dr. Rilwanu Lukeman
B. Mr. Jackson Gaius-Obaseki
C. Mr. Macaulay Ofurhie
D. Ms. Amah Pepple
E. Alh. Yusuf Abubakar
2. Which of the following is not one of the market models as viewed by the seller?
A. Pure competition
B. Monopoly
C. Capitalism
D. Monopolistic composition
E. Oligopsony
3. In order to provide uninterrupted power supply to Nigeria, NEPA must generate
A. 5000 mw
B. 4000mw
C. 2800mw
D. 1400mw

Sample Question 2

4. The first man to walk on the moon was
A. Yuri Gagarin
B. Neil Armstrong
C. Andrew Smith
D. Eugene Aldrin
E. Alexei
5. Where was the first commercial discovery of oil in Nigeria?
A. Oloibiri
B. Ihuo
C. Ebocha
D. Ologbo
E. Osari
6. The highest point in Nigeria is on the
A. Jos plateau
B. Oban hills
C. Udi plateau
D. North eastern highlands
E. Western uplands

Sample Question 3

7. River Niger is the …………
A. First
B. Third
C. Fifth
D. Sixth
E.  None of the above
8. Which one of the following economic concepts was developed by Karl Marx?
A. Conspicuous consumption
B. Cooperatives
C. Tariffs
D. Industrial democracy
E. Surplus value
9. Who is generally regarded as the greatest scientist of the 20th century?
A. William Shockley
B. Abdul salaam
C. Albert Einstein
D. Marie curie
E. Ernest Rutherford

Sample Question 4

10. The natural vegetation along the Nigerian coast and the delta is
A. Desert swamps
B. Tropical evergreen forests
C. Mangrove swamps
D. Seasonal rainforest
E. Savannah
11. The world’s population is presently estimated to be
A. 6 billion
B. 10 billion
C. 4 billion
D. 5 billion
E. 8 billion
12. The first capital town of Nigeria was
A. Lokoja
B. Zungeru
C. Kaduna
D. Lagos
E. Calabar

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