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PTDF Scholarship Test Past and Study Questions and Answers (Oversea)

PTDF Scholarship Test Past and Study Questions and Answers (Oversea)

The PTDF Exam is a scholarship scheme available to Nigerian students in different categories stated below:

  • Local Undergraduate Awards,
  • Local M.Sc Awards,
  • Oversea M.Sc
  • and Ph.D Awards.

Questions for this test are divided into two categories.

  1. General Category and
  2. Technical Competence (Discipline specifics).

This book is a complete compilation of past test questions and practice questions used so far for the selection exercise.

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Part I : General paper (50 Objective Questions)
Other Areas

  • Mathematics
  • Basic English
  • Simple statistics,
  • Quadratic equations,
  • Word problems in mathematics 


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PTDF Scholarship Test Past and Study Questions and Answers (Oversea)

Sample Question 1

1. Oloibiri is important to the Nigerian Oil and Gas history as it is 
(A) The base of the Niger-Delta Militant  
(B) The head-office of the Armnesty committee  
(C) The Nigerian first commercial oil field discovery  
(D) The Nigerian first marginal oil field discovery 
2. A large large expanse of land, typically in 1000s of sq. kilometers, that is
awarded to .......... companies by the government is called ..... 
(A) oil companies/area oil blocks  
(B) big men/oil bloc  
(C) oil drilling and exploration/an oil block  
(D) top officials/oil company
3. Which of the following markup languages are W3C compliant? 
(A) XML and Cobol  
(B) HTML and XML  
(C) HTTP and WWW  

Sample Question 2

4. Which of the following countries was the last to abolish slave trade? 
(A) Saudi abolished it by law in 1960  
(B) Sudan abolished it by law in 1989   
(C) Mauritania abolished it by law in 1981  
(D) The United Kingdom abolished it by law in 1970 
5. The greenhouse effect is: 
(A) The presence of CO2 in the atmosphere  
(B) The presence of methane in the ocean  
(C) Increase in the mean global temperatures as a result of the concentration of certain gases  
(D) Solar energy passing through green vegetation
(E) Effect of green vegetable when grown inside a house
6. What is the full meaning of PIB? 
(A Petroleum Industry Bill  
(B) Petrochemical Information Bill  
(C) Petroleum Information Bill  
(D) Petroleum and Indigenous Industry Act B of 2012  
(E) Personal Income Bill

Sample Question 3

7. What is the full meaning of FPSO as used in the Oil and Gas industry?
(A) Full Product System Offline
(B) Floating Petrol Spillage on Oceans
(C) Floating Production Storage and Offloading
(D) Financing Petroleum Shipping Onboard 
8. Local authorities place a high emphasis on environmental sustainability to prove their _____
A. profit margin
B. macroeconomics
C. green credentials
D. microeconomics
9. Which of the following ethnic groups are from Nigeria?
(A) Akan, Mole-Dagbane, Guan, and Ga-Adangbe
(B) Awori, Berom, Hausa-Fulani, Itsekiri and Nupe
(C) Bamileke, Bamoun, Douala,Fang and Kirdi
(D) Mande, Bambara, Malinke, and Sarakole

Sample Question 4

10. If a family were described as being bourgeois, you would probably find them
A. living in France
B. living in poverty
C. living a middle-class lifestyle
D. living a wealthy lifestyle
11. If you are someone who puts on airs to impress others, you are a(n)
A. philistine
B. poseur
C. boor
D. iconoclast
12. A film director who defies convention and pursues his or her own vision is a
A. rogue
B. maverick
C. sycophant
D. chauvinist

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