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Schlumberger Internship Aptitude Test Prep Questions and Answers

Schlumberger Internship Aptitude Test Prep Questions and Answers

Internships at the Schlumberger Research, Engineering, Manufacturing, and Sustaining centers present you with a real industry problem to solve. You’ll work with a team of experts for a minimum of 3 to 6 months—meeting the criteria for final-year projects and internships for most schools and universities. 

This book contains study aptitude test questions and answers for the Schlumberger internship selection exercise and is compiled to prepare the candidates for this year's placement test.

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Schlumberger internship past questions kit are made up of

  • English  which has two parts (total of 30 questions)
  • Mathematics (20 questions)
  • Mechanical section (15 questions)
  • Electrical section (12 questions)
  • General Knowledge on safety, Information Technology etc (14 questions).
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Schlumberger Internship Aptitude Test Prep Questions and Answers

Sample Question 1

A. Purify : Strain
B. Steal : Borrow
C. Explode : Ignite
D. Pilfer : Steal
A. Body : Mind
B. Paper : Colour
C. Fan : Electricity
D. Car : Scooter
A. helmet : motorcycle
B. boot : saddle
C. switch : light
D. pad : helicopter

Sample Question 2

4. Scissors is related to Cloth in the same way as Scythe is related to ...
A. Wood
B. Steel
C. Grass
D. Paper
5. Cub is related to Tiger in the same way as Fawn is related to ...
A. Stag
B. Monkey
C. Ass
D. Sheep
6. Helicopters are specially designed to float in the air over an area.
a. hydroplane
b. revert
c. transition
d. Hover

Sample Question 3

7. Elena worked 38 hours last week and 36 hours this week. How many hours
did she work in the two weeks?
A. 64
B. 74
C. 2
D. 68
8. An electronics store had 182 customers on Thursday, 443 on Friday, and 509 on Saturday. How many customers did the store have in those three days?
A. 1,135
B. 1,244
C. 1,144
D. 1,134
9. Suzanna earned $65 in tips on Friday. She gave $18 of the tips to the busboy. How much did she have left?
A. $57
B. $47
C. $37
D. $83

Sample Question 4

10. If P is the power of a star connected system then what will be power of an equivalent delta connected system?
A. P
B. 3P
C. P/3
D. None of the above
11. Magnetic flux has the unit of
A. Newton
B. Ampere-turn
C. Weber
D. Tesla
12. Which of the following are the passive elements?
A. Resistor
B. Bulb
C. Both
D. None of these.

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