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UNIUYO POST-UTME Test Questions & Answers For Arts Pack

UNIUYO POST-UTME Test Questions & Answers For Arts Pack

This book is rich and carefully packaged to help students preparing to write the POST UTME aptitude test for admission into the University of Uyo (UNIUYO) for social sciences, management and arts-based courses for degree programmes.

It is specially compiled to cover all subject areas of the test and to make sure that candidates prepare adequately and confidently with it

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Questions for the Uniuyo POST UTME art-based courses kit come from:

  • English Language 
  • Mathematics
  • Economics
  • History
  • Commerce
  • Literature
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UNIUYO POST-UTME Test Questions & Answers For Arts Pack

Sample Question 1

1. We watched the woman as she stood up and.... herself more comfortably.
A. reseated
B. resat
C. reseat
D. resitted
2. The students the principal's appear for claim and took to the streets.
A. deferred
B. defied
C. differed
D. defined
3. The noise from the record seller's workshop on my ears.
A. jeers
B. jars
C. jams
D. jabs

Sample Question 2

4. The type of activity which, turns-processed raw materials into consumer and industrial goods is described as
A. extractive
B. manufacturing
C. constructive
D. processing
5. Which of the following is the most important business resources
A. money
B. management
C. materials
D. manpower
6. The breaking down of a market into separate and identifiable elements each with its own special product requirements is known as a market
A. differentiation
B. Segmentation
C. penetration
D. identification

Sample Question 3

7.  Which organ of the government is referred to as the last hope of the common man? A. the legislative
B. the parliament
C. the executive
D. the judiciary
8. In a parliamentary system, powers of the organs of government are
A. diffused
B. separated
C. fused
D. divided
9. Fascism is associated with
A. Karl Marx
B. Bonito Mussolini
C. Adolf Hitler
D. Mao Tseng Tung

Sample Question 4

10. Development outside a given firm which reduce the firm's costs are called
A. internal economies
B. external economies
C. external diseconomies
D. optimum effects
11. A situation in which all inputs are doubled and output also doubled is known as    A. constant proportions
B. constant returns
C. increasing returns to scale
D. constant returns to scale
12.  In the long run, all production factors are
A. fixed
B. semi-fixed
C. variable
D. semi-variable

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