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UNIZIK POST-UTME Past Questions & Answers For Sciences

UNIZIK POST-UTME Past Questions & Answers For Sciences

This book is a collection of past questions and answers asked in the Nnamdi Azikiwe University, (NAAU or UNIZIK) POST UTME aptitude tests for sciences, engineering and health-based courses. It is complete and up-to-date and covers all areas asked in the CBT POST-UTME.

It is regular;y updated and covers all subject areas administered in the test.

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Questions come from these subject areas:

  • English Language
  • Mathematics
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Studies
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UNIZIK POST-UTME Past Questions & Answers For Sciences

Sample Question 1

1. Cosmas is a very good friend on ___ I can rely
A. who
B. whose
C. which
D. whom
2. A hotel is supposed to be a home away from home, but the one we__ was hell away from home.
A. moved into
B. checked
C. dropped by
D. checked into which
3. Initially, we were deceived by the beautiful surroundings and by the Manager's__
was warm and inviting.
A. Reception
B. intention
C. conviction
D. conception

Sample Question 2

4. The slope of a straight line displacement time graph indicates the
A. distance traveled
B. uniform velocity
C. uniform acceleration
D. uniform speed
5. A ball is thrown vertically upwards from the ground with an initial velocity of 50cm"1, what is the total time spent by the ball in the air? (g = 10ms-1)
A. 2.5s
B. 5.0s
C. 10.0s
D. 15.0s
6. The clinical thermometer is characterized by having a
A. wide range of temperature
B. wide bore
C. narrow bore
D. constriction

Sample Question 3

7. A 5.0g of salt was weighed by Ikechukwu as 5. Ig. what is the percentage error?   A. 20
B. 2
C. 1
D. 0.2
8. Two brothers, John and Tim, own a store. The ratio of John's share to Tim's is 11.9. later, Tim sells 2/3 of his share to John for N720.00. Find the value of the store.
A. Nl,080.00
D. N3,600.00
9. Four interior angles of a pentagon are 90° - X°, 90° + X°, 110° - 2*°, (110 + 2x)°. Find the fifth interior angle.
A. 110°
C. 130°
D. 140°

Sample Question 4

10. Which of the following is a neutral oxide 
A. Nitrogen (vi) oxide
B. carbon (iv) oxide
c. sulphur (vi) oxide
D. nitrogen oxide
11. Which of the following statements is not correct?
A. carbon exhibits allotropy
B. sulphur exhibits allotropy
C. chlorine exhibits allotropy
D. argon is a noble gas
12. The following are heavy chemicals except
A. tetraoxosulphate (vi) acid
B. caustic soda
C. dyes
D. sodium trioxocarbonate (iv)

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