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Proxams Computer Based Assessment Platform: A New Era Of Online Tests and Exams
By Jheimz Ubong
Date Posted: July 3, 2020, 12:19 pm

Proxams is an advanced computer based testing platform with rich features for easy administration of tests and assessments online and offline. Proxams is designed to handle all forms of multiple choice questions including single answer questions and multiple answer questions.


Proxams is a proprietary product of Exelsor Projects Limited and was initially conceived to serve her clients whom they provide ICT related services in the educational sector. The software has achieved this goal and the need to reach a greater populace arose.


The platform is lightweight and is intended for desktop and mobile users to either take a one-off test or as a practice centre for repetitive tests.

Proxams allows the combination of different subjects that make up a single test and gives the option to choose the maximum number of questions from a particular subject. The subjects are arranged as tabs for easy navigation.

An administrator can create a bank of questions and these questions can be randomly selected for different users. The order of questions can be shuffled and also the answers if the administrator wants. You can equally choose to display a user score at the end of test or just show a successful submission page.



Proxams can be used by schools for examination or tests, companies for recruitment aptitude test exercises, test administrators or vendors and individuals as a practice platform.



Proxams Questions:

Proxams provides a flexible interface to load your questions to the platform. Questions can be added manually or by bulk upload. Questions can be multiple-optioned or a boolean type question. A maximum of five options is allowed per question. A text editor is used to format your questions for easy understanding by your users.

Questions with multiple answers are also enabled and the administrator will have to tick the right options from the Correct Answer field. Images, charts and graphics can be added into your questions.

You can provide explanations for your answer so that your users can see how you arrived at a particular answer. This is most useful for administrators using the platform as practice or mentorship centres for their subscribers.



Proxams Results:

Test results and scores in proxams are presented in both tabular and graphical forms.
The tabular form gives a breakdown of the user data, the exam score, the number of right answers and wrong answers, the number of unanswered questions. You can also view the test performance detail and the candidate picture.

Right answered questions have the green check icon. Wrong answered questions have the red 'X' icon and the correct option for that question is ticked with green check icon. Unanswered questions have the grey-shaded 'O' icon and the correct option is also given in green check icon.

There is an option to print out your results in PDF. This will prepare the test result of your candidates in a customized form and make it available for printing.



Proxams Users:

Proxams makes process of inputting candidates data very easy. Two options available are: manual input and bulk upload.
The Manual option allows you to input the candidate name, exam no and upload picture. The bulk upload option is for mass uploading of candidates data well formatted in a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet. The file must be formatted according to the sample given here.

If users photos are needed, it is important to ensure that the file names of the photos or images correspond to the names in the Image column of the spreadsheet. The Excel file is selected from your computer and uploaded by clicking the 'Upload Names' button.

Candidates or users for your exercise can be viewed, edited or deleted as may be needed. Also, the list of candidates can be compiled in PDF and printed.



Request A Demo:

Proxams will serve your computer based assessment needs because of its rich features that suit the requirements of varying stakeholders. Proxams will provide you with login IDs to see how it works to enable you make a decision.

Two login IDs will be given to qualified clients to test two different scenarios of the test environment namely:
1. A one-off test environment
2. A repetitive test environment
The former will not have the score displayed but the latter will display the score and a breakdown of the performance.

To qualify for a demo, Proxams wants to ensure that you're serious about doing business and request that you send an email in the 'Contact' section on its website with your company email address i.e. [email protected]

Proxams consider public email addresses if the client can convince Proxams of pious motives and judicious use of the system.

Visit: for more information